Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oct 3, '07 Sea Turtles on Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, south of Volcano National Park.

Friday October 5th, '07. Photo taken from the Mauna Kea Visitor Center, 9200 feet. We drove from Sea Level to 9200 feet in about an hour. As we pulled into the parking lot a small grab bag of cheetos popped open from the change in pressure. You can continue on to the summit of 13,796 feet with a 4wd or by tour.

Small waterfall north of HILO, HI.

Lava River, shot from Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tour October 4, '07.

North of HILO

October 5, '07
This sea turtle was swimming around the Lagoon at the Fairmont Orchid, where we stayed on the Big Island, Hawaii. It almost ran into me while i was sitting in the water putting on my fins to go snokeling, it swam right past LaNeece.

Oct 2 Pololu Beach, north tip of Hawaii. This photo was taken partway down the trail leading to the black sand beach, a 400 foot drop.

Coastline from the Pololu Beach

October 5 '07 Hawaii Sunset, Kohala Coast

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